Passenger Loading Bridge

Our experts are equipped to work on a variety of Passenger Loading Bridge manufactures:

  • Jetway, Mitsubishi,
  • Thyssen-Krupp (Stearns),
  • Dew Bridge, LTI (Jetbridge),
  • Wollard
  • Apex.

We provide full scale maintenance and repairs to all types of as well:

  • Apron drive
  • Radial
  • Fixed pedestal
  • Elevated "T"
  • Standard drive
  • Single motor high drive round tube
  • Single motor high drive square tube


Hangar Doors

Our team is equipped to help you with all preventive maintenance, repair and restoration to your hangar doors.  We are here to help your business save 30% or more and reduce the environmental impact of a new door installation.

Types of hangar doors we work on:

  • Sliding doors
  • Aperture doors
  • Blast doors
  • Tail doors
  • Telescoping canopy doors
  • Braced canopy doors
  • Unbraced canopy doors
  • single canopy doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • "DC" doors
  • Dirigible doors
  • Blimp doors
  • Ready alert doors
  • WWII & Korean War era doors
  • Aircraft Maintenance stands
  • Wood truss buildings