The perfect team to solve the difficult problems you face.

Barry Nelson, Vice President of Field Operations

Barry Nelson has 30 years combined experience in Passenger Loading Bridges, Hangar Doors and Industrial Doors. Airport Mechanical Services, Inc. was formed with Barry becoming VP of Field Operations. Barry is in constant contact with major airlines and airport staff, providing assistance with their ever-changing needs. His years of experience afford him the ability to help customers quickly and accurately. Barry is committed to ensuring that Airport Mechanical Services provides the highest quality in customer service & support to our expanding client base.


Spencer Nelson, VP President of Base Operations

Spencer Nelson has spent the past 24 years working with airlines in and around airport enviroments. Spencer, with brother Barry, was instrumental in forming AMS in 1997, and, as VP of Base Operations, works closely with our clients to provide the best possible service available. Spencer continues to strive for new product innovations and new services that will support our growing customer needs.



Mary Anne Nelson, President- Office Manager

Mary Anne Nelson, as President & Office Manager, can be found in the office coordinating the various functions of the day-to-day business. She is kept busy preparing proposals, inspection forms, billing and anything else Barry and Spencer throw in her direction. Her Attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to support our crew keeps Airport Mechanical Services running.