Door Detector FAQ

Q: How much does your Aircraft Door Detector/Warning Device Cost?
A: The kit costs $4,000 plus installation and travel expenses.  For a direct quote please complete the form on the right hand side of this page.

Q: What happens when the red light on the control panel is illuminated?
A: It means that the sensing pad (yellow pad) has been activated by some force of pressure.  This will happen when the aircraft door has made contact with the sensing pad or the pad has accidentally been triggered by other means. 

Q: How do I clear the alarm? 
A: Press the "Power On" button on the loading bridge control console.

Q: How many alarms are there? 
A: There are two audible alarms (one at the terminal end of the bridge and the other on the control panel).  There are also two visual alarms (one is abler and the other is red).

Q: Does your product have a patent?
A: Yes our product is fully patented by the U.S Patent Office US20050024222 A1.

Q: Who does the install of the Aircraft Door Detector/Warning Device?
A: One of our expert team members will perform the install as well as quality control testing of the unit to ensure it is operating to specifications.  

Q: If the door detector malfunctions, will it affect the operation of the loading bridge?
A: No, but if you feel you need emergency assistance with the Door Detector please contact the number located on top of the Door Detector Control Panel.