Answers to Your Most Common Questions:

Q: What kind of services do you provide for Hangar Doors, I have five doors here on an Army base that will not move?
A: We specialize in nearly every Hangar Door on a military base and we can help whether its a mechanical problem or an electrical problem. We have nearly 37 years combined experience in Military hangar Doors. We are confident we can assist you in this matter.

Q: Since you are located in Seattle, can you work on our Passenger Loading Bridge in Miami, FL? 
A: Yes, our base of operations is in Seattle, but we have been in nearly all 50 states repairing and maintaining Passenger Loading Bridges.

Q: I am trying to purchase some parts for our Loading Bridge in Oklahoma. Can you help me find any parts: 
A: Yes, we have a large network of suppliers and manufacturers to help assist you.

Q: What kind of Passenger Boarding Bridges do you work on? 
A: We work on nearly all of them. Here's a list of PLB Manufacturer's we specialize in.

Q: We have had a few Passenger Loading Bridges damage to passenger door of our aircraft. We are looking for an alternative to prevent this from happening again. What do you recommend? 
A: We have been working with Passenger Loading Bridges since 1997 and we have had reports of L-1 passenger doors hitting the floor of the PLB. We designed a device that prevents damage from happening. We have installed over 30 for Alaska Airlines and not a single door has been damaged using our product. Here's more information on our Aircraft Door Detector.

Q: Is there anyway you can come out to visit our site for some Hangar Door damage? We need help. 
A: We are always striving to meet your needs. If you need assistance with your hangar doors please contact us here.

Q: Do you provide Ground Support services to major airports? We are in Los Angeles and we have damage on our canopy's, our PC Air, 400hz ground power and corrosion on our Loading Bridges. 
A: Yes, We would be glad to assist you. We provide those services and if you contact us we can help you.