The Airline industry has had several problems with the L-1 passenger entrance door making contact with floor of the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) when passengers board the plane.

The Passenger Loading Bridge is equipped with an auto level device that is supposed to keep the floor at a set level in relationship to the aircraft. If this auto level does not function properly or is disengaged, there is nothing to keep the door from being damaged by contacting the Passenger Loading Bridge floor.  

For some airlines, this can occur up to 9 times a month with an estimated cost of $70,000 not including out-of-rotation costs!  

Since installing the Aircraft Door Detector/Warning Device in 2006 we have prevent over 17,000 door strikes and saved our customers over $1.5 Billion.  All while adding peace of mind to passengers knowing that their aircraft will depart with no structural damage.  

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